Get Twisted is a song born out of the idea of having fun with music again. We wanted to take people in a direction where you can actually understand and even enjoy the lyrics and music in a song. It all started about a year ago when Louie came up with this idea to use the bottles are popping Get twisted lyrics over a very traditional folk song melody. He approached his long time production partner Malik Williams to make the music happen. Malik went into the lab, and after a few hours of research, came out with the beginnings of what we now know as “Get Twisted”.

Louie and Malik had the makings of a hit song on their hands but were missing an element to put it over the top. This is when Lisa Bello came into the studio and laced some serious edgy vocals to make this duet a smash! All that was left was to get a bit of live guitars from, the  session assasin, Liam and the crew was ready to roll.

They had a hit in their hands but were missing something still! That’s when Billy Dufresne came on the scene to help coordinate whats has now become known as the “Get Twisted Music Video”. With the expertise of Emerson Director Beth Blabbin, the final piece was put together and the “Get Twisted Music Movement” was finally born.


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